Vila Viçosa, The House of Braganza

The area of Vila Viçosa has been inhabited since Antiquity, and it was the site of a small settlement in Roman times. The region was part of the Visigoth Kingdom and in the eighth century came under Moorish control after the Muslim conquest of Hispania. Moorish domination ended in 1217, when the region was reconquered by the Order of Aviz, a military order […]

Mora River Aquarium, Flúviario de Mora, in Mora

Mora River Aquarium, Flúviario de Mora, in Mora

The Mora River Aquarium, is the first large freshwater aquarium in Europe. The completion of the Mora River Aquarium aimed at creating a single equipment in Portugal, scientific, cultural and leisure, recreating the aquatic universe, consolidate an educational and environmental aspects. All the exhibitions, displaying through living and dynamic models is an asset in the […]

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