The Lóios Convent and Pousada dos Lóios – Inn, in Évora

The Lóios Convent, also known as the Convent of St. John the Evangelist was built in the fifteenth century on the remains of a medieval castle, having been severely damaged during the 1755 earthquake.

It is a set of rectangular shape that develops around a cloister of two floors, the ground floor of Gothic-Manueline style and the later already with Renaissance features.

The church, Manueline, a ship has five rectangular spans and is covered by a ribbed vault. The walls are lined with tile panels of the eighteenth century.

The chancel of polygonal plan, is covered by a dome of complicated design with crossed warheads, and its walls are covered with tiles of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

The chapter house, attributed to Diogo de Arruda, is preceded by a Moorish portal of the early sixteenth century.

After restoration work and recovery that took some years was inaugurated on its premises to Pousada dos Lóios integrated in Pousadas de Portugal.

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