Ecotrail of Montado, Path between Torre da Gadanha and Montemor-o-Novo

Ecotrail of Montado with 12.87km is a sporting infrastructure, recreational and leisure activity that allows the outdoor activities of practice, namely, hiking, riding and mountain biking, horseback riding and tours on skates and the like.


This section develops in the northeast-southwest direction. Begins in the old CP station of the city of Montemor-o-Novo, go through the village and its final stop of Paião, ending in the Tower Station Scythe, which liaises with the Local Nature Tourism, already implemented.

The Montemor Ecopista through an important natural area – the site of Monfurado, home to species of flora and fauna of Community interest.

Ecopista,_Pte._Cam._Ferro_33 Ecopista.mxd

This is an area dominated by important cork oak and holm oak, very well maintained and is considered a very important area for the conservation of several species of bats.

The entry Ecopista and the railway bridge next to the old Montemor-o-novo train station, the final stop of Paião and the Tower of Largo da Gadanha.

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