Castle of Mourão

Castle of Mourao, Alentejo, located in the parish, town and municipality of the same name, Évora District, Portugal.

Understood in the territory on the left bank of the Guadiana river, stands in a dominant position on the ancient medieval village. Its walls unveil up the surrounding plain with the Monsaraz Castle to the north, and the border with Spain in the east.

After the Portuguese conquest of the region, their fields were donated to the Knights Hospitaller, being assigned to your Prior, Gonçalo Egas, the grant of the first a charter to the town, in order to encourage their settlement and defense (1226). Will date from this period, under the reign of Sancho II (1223-1248), the construction or reconstruction of the fortification.

A new charter was granted to the town by King Afonso III (1248-1279) in 1254.

Under the reign of King Dinis (1279-1325), the Mourao village received a new charter (1296), confirmed in 1298. In this period, the original castle was renovated, starting to count with three towers.

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