Capela da Boa Nova, The Fortified Church, in Alandroal

The Chapel of the Good News, also known as the Shrine of Our Lady of Good News, is located in the town of Terena (São Pedro), Alandroal municipality, district and the Archdiocese of Évora.

This is a very old Marian shrine, judging that may result from the pagan cults of Christianization, as close to the Terena village remain the ruins of the temple of the god Endovelicus. Historical references to this temple dating back to the thirteenth century, as the Cantigas de Santa Maria of King Alfonso X of Castile, there are some compositions dedicated to Santa Maria de Terena.

The temple is the fourteenth century work, possessing the characteristic of being a Portuguese rare example of fortified church has come largely intact today. The origin of the invocation Lady of Good News appears to be linked to the legend of Fermosíssima Maria (Dona Maria, Queen of Castile), the daughter of King Afonso IV of Portugal who went to the Portuguese court to ask your father that would help her husband in the Battle of Salado. Legend has it that the Queen stood on this site, in the vicinity of Terena, when he received the good news, there was born the invocation Good News. The cult remains very much alive, and this sanctuary scene of a popular pilgrimage that is celebrated the first weekend after the Easter week. The importance of this pilgrimage in the region is of such importance that the Monday of Pascoela (main day of the festival) is the municipal holiday Alandroal county.

The Sanctuary is a gem of religious architecture of the fourteenth century fortified church of cruciform plan, rare in Portugal [as defined by Mário Chicó, see the Flower Monastery of the Rose and the Church of the True Cross Marmelar], built on strong ashlar granite, crowned and Muslim battlements. In the northern facades, south and west, open up gates of pointed arches, Gothic and medieval narrow cracks, topped by defensive counters, with boulders (where it poured boiling liquids, in case of attack), decorated with real weapons stones Portuguese. The whole of the main facade is still ennobled by simple bell tower, added in the eighteenth century. The temple was originally from Avis Order of patronage, as grantees had after the Counts of Vila Nova (Portimão).

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