Sanctuary of Our Lady of Aires, The pilgrimage on horseback

The pilgrimage of Our Lady of Aires in Viana do Alentejo, district and the Archdiocese of Évora, dating back to 1748, when it started Marian devotion this place situated near the village of Viana do Alentejo. All have been born of a vow made by some traders (due to an epidemic that then raged in the region). Once attended the vote, immediately began the construction of the imposing temple that today is the stage of this pilgrimage.


The main festival is more properly a fair, originating from the license of Joseph, dated September 27, 1751, which authorized the holding of a free fair on this site.

The pilgrimage on horseback

The pilgrimage on horseback is designed to recover an abandoned tradition for about 70 years when farmers and farmers moved with their animals to the Shrine of N. Mrs. d’Aires to seek protection for livestock and good harvests .

The Pilgrimage to horse takes place on the fourth weekend week of April, between the Church of Our Lady of Good Voyage in Moita do Ribatejo, the Shrine of Our Lady of Aires, in Viana do Alentejo. The festival is held by the former royal canada, known also by the Spanish road and that makes a total of 120 km. This festival has an associated religious character, the Virgin is carried in procession.

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