Vendas Novas, The Origin

The Vendas (Sales) origin dates back to the creation of Posta Sul, by order of King John III. Then opened a path of Vila Galega(Galician village – Montijo) to Montemor to reduce the route and time of travel. It was in this way that the king had built an inn at the place where today is Vendas Novas. A few years later, in order of D.Teodósio, a new hostel was built in Vendas Novas. The town’s name probably will rise in construction – “Bs” or “Sales” – which, being of recent construction, were new, known by travelers as the Vendas Novas “New Sales”. The oldest town of the county is, however Landeira, today parish in the municipality, of which there are references of its existence in the early XII century.

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