Castle of Vila Viçosa

At the time of the Christian Reconquista of the peninsula, when the statement of the Portuguese nation, the region was dominated from the conquest of Alcacer do Sal (1217).

Although one can not say whether a primitive village was abandoned and reoccupied, or if your Christian stand was late, it is certain that Vila Viçosa received from D. Afonso III (1248-1279) its a charter, last on 5 June 1270. will date from this time, the start of construction of his castle, his son and successor, King Dinis (1279-1325), will give an effective boost, ending his building and making pry around the village.

In the reign of D. Fernando I (1367-1383), as has been done in many castles of the kingdom, has made significant improvements in Vila Viçosa fortification.

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